Believe it or not, but I didn’t always drive high end cars and I had never bought a brand new vehicle. I was a Subaru Outback kind of girl and I loved outdoors and adventure. My husband drove a Mazda 3 until he was hit by a drunk driver and the car was totaled in 2012.

I remember buying my second Subaru from a Cadillac dealer in Atlanta. The dealership also sold Fisker. I hate to admit it, but I had only heard about Fisker after seeing pictures of Justin Beiber driving a chrome one. After seeing the Fisker in person, it sparked my interest, and both my husband and I started researching electric cars. That is how we first learned about Tesla. 

We started following the company and our love for EVs was born. We were hooked on the electric revolution. My husband even convinced his mom to be an early adopter of a Tesla Model S. We were not sure if we could afford a Tesla ourselves back then, but she was the next best thing. We were also curious what it would be like to go electric with a family. In 2013, we decided to test the waters and lease a Nissan Leaf. We needed a second car and one of my husband’s colleagues figured out the car was nearly free with the incentives offered between Georgia and the federal government. With the gas savings, we were almost making money! 

After going through two different Leaf leases (thanks to the incentives back then), we no longer drove our Subaru and our lifestyle hadn’t suffered at all. In fact, it was actually better! We loved not being slaves to oil companies and embraced the comfort of being able to charge our car from home while we slept. Those with kids can really appreciate not having to stop for gas with crying babies! The natural progression was clearly to a Tesla. We wanted to be 100 percent electric and didn’t even bother looking at hybrid options. 


The only thing we really wanted was a larger range to visit family and take longer road trips. The Model 3 was an affordable choice from Tesla, but it was years away and I also wanted a car with a 3rd row seat for carpooling friends. Instead of waiting, we sold our Subaru, shared the Leaf and saved up to finally buy our first 90D Model X. This was around the time we started the YouTube channel. 

Elon Musk once said “a Tesla is not exactly a car, it’s a thing to maximize enjoyment”, and after owning our Model X, we quickly realized this. I now have a deep love for all things Tesla, from the roadster to the Model 3, and a deep respect for Elon Musk and the world he is trying to create. I would love to own everything Tesla is making from the Semi to the truck, but that’s not realistic. We have been blessed through the referral program that Tesla offers and thanks to all of you and all our followers, we have won a fully loaded P100D Model X that I currently drive. We are looking forward to the next generation Roadster in 2020 and thankful to everyone that used my code. My husband drives the Model 3 for his daily commute into work.

I may no longer drive an Outback, but with Tesla the sense of adventure is still there and bigger than ever. We are only at the beginning when it comes to electric cars and the future is limitless. Following Tesla brings me hope and inspires me each day. We love sharing our journey with you guys and will continue to help educate the world about EVs with our YouTube channel Like Tesla.

XO Kim


  • Riley Haralson says:

    This is so cool, I’ve been with your channel since your first Tesla. I remember sitting in my school library in battleground Washington waiting anxiously for my YouTube feed to refresh so I could be positive that I hadn’t missed ANY of your videos. Your channel has come a long ways from your first nervous drive on autopilot and I keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
    Happy new year!
    -Riley Haralson

    • Kim says:

      Thanks for the kind words and your support! Happy New Year to you and your family.

      • Dave says:

        Love your channel!! Have been here since Model X wings vs Nissan Leaf video. Also, was thinking about purchasing a MX 100D. Do you think I should do blue with carbon sonic wheels or black with carbon sonic wheels? Love your channel and keep at it with the great videos and blogs!
        – Dave

        • Kim says:

          Thanks for the support and for watching our channel from the early days!
          Although we prefer the lighter colors, I think both the blue and the black are beautiful colors on the Model X. It is very hard to choose.

  • Mandi says:

    Thank you for your channel! My family recently became a Tesla family with the model x and the model 3. We are in love! I didn’t find your channel till after we purchased them and I was to nervous about the white seats in my model x with two kids but after seeing your videos I have serious regrets! But it’s still the most wonderful car no matter what color of seat I sit in. Thanks again!!

    • Kim says:

      Thanks so much for watching. We really love making our videos and our cars. The white seats are great too!