When our first son Landon was born, we bought a camera and started documenting everything from his birth to first steps. But, our favorite events to film have always been birthdays and vacations. Looking back now, I realize these were the early phases of our vlog. We’d combine current pop music and create a fun vlog-style montage to go with it. We still have a private account and have everything uploaded on it today.

Prior to the X, we owned two Nissan Leafs and purchasing a Tesla was a dream and giant stretch for us. We saved for about three years and even shared one car for a while to make it possible to own such an expensive vehicle. In early 2016, we went to a test drive event for Model X reservation holders and naturally documented it. Initially, we put our test drive video on YouTube just to share with friends and family, but to my surprise the video received enormous traffic. Suddenly, people from all over the world were requesting more videos. I realized there was an interest and perhaps demand for electric cars and their usability. When we received our Model X, we continued making videos answering questions and common EV misconceptions. We really try to entertain and inform while showing the EV lifestyle through the eyes of our adventurous family.

Infact, our first video was uploaded to a channel we had first made for our kids. We knew we needed to change the name to something Tesla related and we never expected the channel would grow into what it is today.

So, if you’re curious how the channel got its name, it’s actually rather simple. Since I had never owned a car so pricey, I was rather nervous in that initial test drive video and when I get nervous I say the word “like” quite a bit. The comments were overwhelming and many poked fun at my saying “like” repeatedly. We decided, heck if people want to make fun of me I will just own it and thus came “Like Tesla”. So “like “ is not only that we like and enjoy Tesla, but also that we like totally like it, if you know what I mean.

XO Kim