How We Make Our YouTube Videos

By December 1, 2018 Kim's blog

We get a lot of questions about how we make our YouTube vlogs. In the early days we filmed a lot of the videos with a GoPro Hero4 and used an Evo stabilizer. This was lightweight and easy to use, but the quality was not that great. Images are sometimes distorted and the sounds picked up more road noise. Now we typically film on a Sony A6500.









Sound has been extremely difficult for us and we are still perfecting it. Currently we use a RODE video micro with a dead cat attached for our vlog style videos, however we’ve experimented with wired, wireless and external recorders but an on camera mic simplifies an already complicated editing process when you have over 100 gigs of video to sift through.

We edit all our videos on Final Cut Pro X. Each video typically takes an hour of editing for every minute you see. YouTubes algorithms prioritize based on watch time, so we try and keep every second compelling and edit out as much as possible.

Music is also very important. We like our videos to be lighthearted and tend to use pop music. Since we can’t use current artist music on YouTube due to copywrite restrictions, we have a music subscription to Epidemic Sound. We actually get asked all the time for playlist. Here is a list of our top 20 songs you’ve probably heard over and over again.

Thanks for watching our videos and reading my blog. As you can see, there is a tremendous amount of time and cost involved in the production of each video, the numerous cameras, lenses, computers and editing software. We are eternally grateful for your support on Patreon, our boutique on this website and for using our referral code over the years. Every dollar you spend goes a long way  towards creating the content you see on this channel .

XO Kim


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