Who is Mr. Like Tesla?

You may have caught a glimpse of his reflection or briefly heard his voice, but just who is Mr. Like Tesla? This is actually one on the most commonly asked questions we get. My husband even appeared in a couple of our early videos before we realized we had a full blown channel.

He was also the first to drink the Tesla Kool-Aid and became obsessed with one day owning one way back in 2012. I finally agreed when I heard they were coming out with an SUV (Model X), but it was still a huge stretch. We even sold our first home when we pre-ordered the Model X because he wanted a larger garage for the falcon wings. Mr. Like Tesla is extremely detail oriented like that.

He is the reason the quality of our videos are so high. He actually has a background in broadcasting and currently works in that field.  He has taught me so much about presentation and groomed me into what I am today. To be honest, he is much more knowledgeable than I am, but wants me take the credit.

So you are probably wondering why he doesn’t appear on camera then? He is actually under contract and simply can not. So that is why it is just me and our kids, although I hope someday if the channel continues to grow he will be able to co-host the channel as well.